How to Know What Music is Safe to Use on Social Media Platforms?

If the current trends are anything to go by, we are only seeing the tip of a new wave. Social media platforms are becoming a must-have for any business, organization, brand, and individual. This is where you can get information on any item, expand your professional network, get business and meet your vision, mission, and business goals. It has proved to be quite the invention and it will only get better.

The appeal and challenge of music

That said, people are flocking onto social media platforms to engage current and potential clients. To make their ads and other content relatable, they are adding music. Why music, you may ask? Music resonates with people emotionally. With a few bars, you can be able to communicate a message or sell a product. With music, you can appeal more to your target audience. Your content can stick better and a potential client can better remember you.

Social media platforms are aware of the massive number of videos and photos that are being uploaded daily. As a result, this starts the battle that many have to come to dread, copyrighted music.

Copyright music is a musical recording or composition that is legally owned by an entity or person. Inclusive of ownership, said entity or person has exclusive rights to reproduce or redistribute work. The holder of the copyright has the right to earn royalties by giving licensing rights to his or her music. This protects the owner from people who may want to use the music without their consent.



Social media platforms use automatic features to detect copyrighted music. The automated process will flag your content and will take either of the following actions:

  • Your post will be muted.
  • Your stream will be immediately shut down.
  • Your post might be deleted entirely.

The Solution

Copyright music protects the rights of the owner from any form of violation. Working with the assumption that you don’t want to violate any laws, we worked out some options for you.

As you well know Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company. To help, content creators and brands use music on their social media platforms, they created a library of copyright-free music known as Facebook Sound Collection. You should check the list of songs that you can use every time you want to post content. That way, all your posts (and your account) will be safe from any legal infringements.

Here are other options that you can use:

  • Seeking permission. If you want to use a certain type of music, why don’t you reach out to an artist or musician? Their handles are available online. Who knows? They just might say yes.
  • Collaboration. Social media platforms are all about working together to create custom content and boost each other’s influence. This might be a good way. All you need to do is work out what each party is bringing to the table.

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