The Best Music Discovery Tools to Find New Tunes

Music is a powerful tool and people tap into it for various needs throughout a typical day. It is normal to see a person streaming music or scrolling through their music library while on the bus. However, it reaches a time when you need something new and fresh. Due to the issue of algorithms, your search options might be quite limited. Friends who have interacted with you will also only suggest songs or genres they know you will like.

Thankfully, there are many platforms and tools that you can use to find new music.


Mixcloud offers a wide range of options. In addition to finding individual songs, Mixcloud also offers mixes and DJ radio shows. The DJs weave through different genres, creating unique styles that you will love.

In terms of looking up music, you can search by genre or artist name. You can also choose to follow certain users who comment or listen to a genre you have fallen in love with.


Many of you expected this platform here and rightly so. Spotify has established itself as one of the leading music discovery tools. If you are new to the Spotify scene, you only have to wait for a Monday. The trend started way back in 2015. Spotify would observe your listening habits, obtain data and spin it. The result would be a new and fresh playlist every week.

Magic Playlist

To provide you with a new playlist, Magic Playlist only asks you to enter one song title. The application then makes use of an algorithm to determine a list of songs. Magic Playlist works in tandem with Spotify. The new playlist will be saved to your Spotify account where you can listen to it at your discretion.


Bandcamp is mostly known as a tool for purchasing music but it can be used to discover new music as well. You can stumble onto good music by using the tagging system on the platform that has been specifically designed for discovery. You can also new and unfamiliar genres by exploring new tags found at the bottom of the artist’s profile pages.


Cymbal follows the format of many social media platforms today. It recognizes that trending music changes on a weekly, if not daily basis. As a Cymbal user, you can post your new obsession, be it a particular jam or the whole album. It will appear on a newsfeed that other users can like and follow. Similarly, you can peruse the newsfeed for new music that you can later add to your library.

Indie Shuffle

In the world of algorithms, Indie Shuffle seems like the odd one out. The thousands of music fanatics on the platform are the ones who create your new playlists. Additionally, most of the music here is by indie musicians and unsigned artists. It is quite a unique platform, providing access to music that is not available on mainstream platforms.

Don’t remain in your music rut. There is an infinite library of music out there. All you need is the appropriate tool to help you find your new favorite genre or artist.

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