5 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

The body-positive accounts encourage people to love themselves and their appearance, even though people might remind them constantly that they are not perfect, in their eyes. The movement started to combat such beliefs and comments that a person can only be perfect if they are thin, and beautiful and only if the general society agrees on it.  Slowly, people are beginning to appreciate their appearance more and ignore old views and crude ideologies. The body-positive accounts encourage people of all shapes, colors, sizes, and cultures to express themselves and showcase how perfect they are. Read more

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Spotify

Are you someone who loves to listen to relatable music online? Or offline? Do you prefer streaming music in an app that is convenient for you? Do you use Spotify, but you are not sure of how to get the most from it?

This article will highlight proven methods to ensure you enjoy Spotify to the maximum. If you have just been listening to plain music, then it is time to spice up your playlist using the tips below.

Why You’re Not Gaining Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application that has created ease for people in many ways. These days having an account on Instagram is considered a status symbol, and apparently, people are not recognized if they are not on Instagram. After making an account on this esteemed platform, the second thought that drives everyone crazy is why followers on your Instagram account are not increasing. If you are facing the same kind of problem then this article will prove to be a lifesaver for you. Many people try to dig into the reason but fail to understand why. According to this article, there are various reasons why you are suffering from this problem. Read more

Jesse Thomas: The Way of Lifelong Blues Musician

The proliferation of blues music in the South is a known fact. Every bar, radio station, and country home play a variant of the genre. Its status can be attributed to the men and women of the late 1800s to 1900s who were faithful to it. One of them is the late Jesse Thomas, a blues guitarist, and singer. He was commonly referred to as “Baby Face” or “Mule”. His music career spanned the greater part of six to seven decades. In this article, we pay tribute to the man he was and his contribution to the music industry.

Music Use for Mood Regulation: The Surprising Psychological Benefits

Music is one of the few constants on this earth. Since the time of Neanderthals thousands of years B.C., music has been used as a powerful together. Music can be used to communicate sensitive information. It can be used collectively to celebrate and bring people together. On an individual level, music can help improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional state. In this article, we want to focus on the effect of music on the mind.

The Best Music Discovery Tools to Find New Tunes

Music is a powerful tool and people tap into it for various needs throughout a typical day. It is normal to see a person streaming music or scrolling through their music library while on the bus. However, it reaches a time when you need something new and fresh. Due to the issue of algorithms, your search options might be quite limited. Friends who have interacted with you will also only suggest songs or genres they know you will like.

How to Know What Music is Safe to Use on Social Media Platforms?

If the current trends are anything to go by, we are only seeing the tip of a new wave. Social media platforms are becoming a must-have for any business, organization, brand, and individual. This is where you can get information on any item, expand your professional network, get business and meet your vision, mission, and business goals. It has proved to be quite the invention and it will only get better.

What Does Your Music Taste Say About Your Personality?

No one can idea the role that music plays in our lives. Since the time of Abraham and Moses in the Bible, music has been used to express emotion and celebrate important events. In the current day and age, an event is not complete if it doesn’t have music. On an individual plane, music can lift someone from a dark mood and also communicate feelings and emotions. There is much to be discussed when it to music.

Today, we will be limiting ourselves to one entertaining topic; music preferences and personalities. Could an individual’s music choice be influenced by their personality? Why don’t you read more and find out? Read more

Hello music Jasse Thomas!

Welcome to the most beautiful performer Jesse Thomas!

Jesse Thomas is originally from Kentucky, and currently based in Los Angeles. Her first full-length album, entitled War Dancer, released on Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2012, peaked at number four on iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and charted on Billboard at No.25 on “Heatseekers” and No.16 on the folk charts.

On May 13, 2014 Jesse Thomas released her second full-length album Burn the Boats.

On November 13, 2016 Jesse Thomas signed to Warner Chappell Publishing.

You can listen to Jesse Thomas’ most beautiful music on soundcloud: Read more