Why You’re Not Gaining Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application that has created ease for people in many ways. These days having an account on Instagram is considered a status symbol, and apparently, people are not recognized if they are not on Instagram. After making an account on this esteemed platform, the second thought that drives everyone crazy is why followers on your Instagram account are not increasing. If you are facing the same kind of problem then this article will prove to be a lifesaver for you. Many people try to dig into the reason but fail to understand why. According to this article, there are various reasons why you are suffering from this problem.


What matters the most is the content that you are posting. Pause for a while and think whether your content is up to mark or not. Is your audience paying attention to it and liking your content? If the answer to these questions is a no, remind yourself to think realistically. This sign is no less than a red flag. If you want to gain followers, you must know what is in trend and how you are supposed to create content to attract followers.


Instagram is no joke if you want to attract followers. You should consider and pay attention to it. Uploading posts whenever you feel like will not do the job. Consistency is what matters. If your followers like your content and ultimately stop receiving posts from you, they will automatically become concerned. They will wait for a few days, and if they do not find content, they will shift to other bloggers as there are many out there. According to this article, this can be one reason, and you should pay heed to it.

Low engagement

You are not gaining followers because you are not interacting with them much. This is a highly crucial point to consider, and many people take it for granted. The more you will interact with your followers, the better the results. You must be wondering what can be the possible ways to interact with followers. It is pretty simple. Post questions on your stories by giving the audience open room to ask you whatever questions they have in mind. Once you answer their questions, they will feel overwhelmed and will end up telling their friends as well. This is how your followers will increase. Often people have no clue what followers want, and this becomes evident when they ask questions which makes the picture a lot more transparent and a worthwhile experience for your audience.

To cut it short, having a good number of followers on Instagram is the new trend. People are often quite worried that their followers are stagnant. The answer is quite simple. Posting engaging content, uploading content consistently, and increasing your engagement with the audience are some of the best ways to get rid of this problem. You may have never thought of it, but these ideas work.

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