5 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

The body-positive accounts encourage people to love themselves and their appearance, even though people might remind them constantly that they are not perfect, in their eyes. The movement started to combat such beliefs and comments that a person can only be perfect if they are thin, and beautiful and only if the general society agrees on it.  Slowly, people are beginning to appreciate their appearance more and ignore old views and crude ideologies. The body-positive accounts encourage people of all shapes, colors, sizes, and cultures to express themselves and showcase how perfect they are.

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Following on Instagram are typically associated with people making high-quality content, obsessed with perfections, which may get boring. Be sure to follow the accounts mentioned below and freshen up your feed with the body positive presence on Instagram.

Louise Green (@lousiegreen_bigfitgirl)

Louise Green focuses people’s attention on getting fit and strong rather than getting stuck on traditional ideologies of getting thin, slim, and wrong focuses on extensive diets.

She also published a book “Big Fit Girl” which highlights the problems faced by women with plus-sized bodies and suggested recommendations.

She publishes regularly on Instagram regarding her activities and also posts interesting and refreshing memes, encouraging people, like her, to appreciate and love themselves.

Makayla (@beauty_and_abeast)

Makayla struggled with eating disorders and is currently on the road to recovery. Her post draws on the importance of accepting yourself and loving your body, no matter what people have to say.  She stresses that everyone is “unique and beautiful” and their existence serves a purpose in life, which should not be to look and feel a certain way, rather accept who you are and how you look.

She posts regularly on Instagram, drawing attention towards imperfections, and claiming they are what makes someone unique and different from others.

Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda)

Megan has one of the biggest body-positive accounts on Instagram, in terms of followings, and has a loud voice when it comes to getting her message across, and spreading positivity.

She regularly posts her opinions on how society is flawed in preferring and accepting people based on how they look, their color, or culture, combating such thinking with elaborate and detailed answers based on facts.

Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared)

Michelle had undergone 15 surgeries on her body when she was still in her teens to address different health issues. As a result, her body has been left scarred, which took her many years to realize that they were a blessing and accept them.

Today, she helps others to accept who they are, and take body scars and other imperfections positively.

Anna Sweeney (@dietitiananna)

Anna is a certified eating disorder dietitian and helps people in combating eating disorders. She also focuses her content on accepting one’s body and loving your looks. She also encourages people not to follow strict and unhealthy diet plans to change their appearance, rather eat good and healthy foods and maintain a strong healthy body.

Furthermore, she also happens to be a disabled person, and posts regular recommendations to combat flaws and imperfections.

Her posts use the power of written text to convey strong messages to the audience.

Consider following these accounts for a steady stream of positivity to your feed.

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